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Otago/Southland Branch

Latest News

The Otago/Southland Branch AGM was held at Archives New Zealand, Dunedin on 14 September 2016. The 2016/2017 committee was voted in with a number of new faces, and author David Still gave a very interesting talk about the history of the Waipori Goldfields.

On 1 December 2016 the branch celebrated the 40th anniversary of ARANZ at a function held at Dunedin Public Library. Peter Miller introduced a panel of three speakers who spoke about their experiences and reminiscences over the 40 years since the Association’s inception. Stuart Strachan talked about establishing the Association both locally and nationally, setting up the Otago/Southland Branch, its role in the region and what it did in its first years. Eleanor Leckie told us about her time on the branch committee, what she saw as the purpose of ARANZ as a user, and activities which could help local researchers in the future. Finally, John Timmins spoke about his time on the Branch committee, his view on the purpose of ARANZ, its successes and failures and what he saw for the Branch's future. A slide show of photos of previous branch events ran in the background throughout the evening which was also a social event and took the place of our usual Christmas event.

The first committee meeting for 2017 will be held on Thursday 16 February, at which events for the coming year will be discussed.

40th anniversary event
Stuart Strachan
Stuart Strachan cutting the 40th Anniversary cake.
40th Anniversary Panel
The panel of speakers, John Timmins, Stuart Strachan and Eleanor Leckie, led by Peter Miller.

Branch Committee 2016-2017

Chair/President: Gwennyth Anderson
Secretary :

Emma Knowles


Emma Knowles


Alison Breese

Amy Coleman

Peter Miller

Peter Petchey
Rebecca Smith

Yvonne Wilkie

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AGM Minutes and Reports

2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 279KB)  - unconfirmed

2016 Annual Report (PDF 376KB)

2016 Financial Report (PDF 68KB)

2016 AGM Agenda (PDF 170KB)

2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 275KB) - confirmed

2015 Annual Report (PDF 296KB)

2015 Financial Report (PDF 75KB)

2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 277KB) - confirmed

2014 Annual Report 2014 (PDF)

2014 Financial Report 2014 (PDF)

2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF) - confirmed

2013 Annual Report (PDF)

2013 Financial Report (PDF)

2012 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 340KB) - confirmed

2012 Annual Report (PDF 32KB)

2012 Financial Report (PDF 67KB)

2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 60KB) - confirmed

2011 Annual Report (PDF 42.3KB)

2011 Financial Report (PDF 33.3KB)

2010 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 48.5KB) - confirmed

2010 Annual Report (PDF 86.7KB)

2010 Financial Report(PDF 31.6KB)

2009 Annual General Meeting Minutes (PDF 30.6 KB) - confirmed

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c/- Secretary, ARANZ Otago Southland Branch Committee - Emma Knowles, Toitu Otago Settlers Museum, PO Box 566, Dunedin 9054

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