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Scandalous: The evidential value of records and archives

Winston Peters had a wine box full of it. The Hitler Diaries were it. Rupert Murdoch’s Sun was riddled with it – scandal, which is the theme for this year’s Records and Archives week. Scandal is delicious - it runs the gamut from the salacious, to the naughty, through to the secretive, covers the brazen and can sometimes be world-changing. The scandal theme is broad, engaging and fun, and is sure to reveal the darker and more mischievous side of archivists and their holdings up and down the country. So, get your thinking caps on and begin exploring this rich vein of intrigue in preparation for RAW 2012.

Key themes to consider:

  • The evidential value of archives and records: “information, created, received and maintained as evidence and information by an organisation or person in pursuance of legal obligations or the transaction of business” (AS ISO 1549-1 section 3.15)
  • How what is considered as scandalous has altered over time and is reflective of a changing society and culture.
  • We need to be aware of how scandals can influence the censorship, intentional destruction, leaks and theft of records and archives.

Please remember that each ARANZ branch is eligible to apply for a grant of up to $500 towards a RAW event. So get your thinking hats on and come up with some exciting and creative ways of promoting the value of records and archives management in your community in May 2012.

RAW resources including posters are available here.

You can find out more about RAW by contacting RAW Councillor Kirsty Cox.



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