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2014 ARANZ/ASA Conference

These photographs of the Christchurch Conference (30 September - 2 October) were taken by Jenny Scott, who kindly gave permission for them to be reused here. Additional photos can be viewed on Jenny's flickr site

Theresa Graham (ARANZ President) and Kylie Percival (ASA President).

Registration desk at Rydges Hotel, where the Conference was held.
ARANZ AGM, at the Transitional Cathedral.
Theresa Graham presenting Professor Peter Holland with the
Ian Wards Award during the AGM.

Various Conference speakers.
Lunch at Rydges Hotel.

Various Conference speakers.

2007 ASA Conference

Following a sucessful joint conference in 2005, ARANZ has resolved that each year the President of ARANZ will attend the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) annual conference. This year the conference was held in Alice Springs.

Some delegates on a site visit to the Northern Territory Archives Service Alice building in Alice Springs.

NZ attendees at the ASA conference Karina Taylor, Kevin Molloy, Greg Goulding, Dianne Macaskill, Terehia Biddle, Matt O'Mara, Sean McMahon, Joanne Newman (ARANZ President), Andrea Green, Kim Eberhard (ASA President), Peter Miller, Evelyn Wareham, Tiena Jordan.


2007 ARANZ Conference

Images taken at the 2007 ARANZ Conference in Auckland - many thanks to Mike Steemson for the photographs. Additional photographs from Cathy Holmes.


Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Cullen.

Dianne Macaskill cuts the 50th cake - in honour of
50 years of Archives legislation.

Stuart Strachan.

Newly elected Vice president of ARANZ, Janine Delaney.
Christopher Deane, Crown Records Management, presents 2 Crown
Scholarships to Alola Robertson and Fiona O'Connell.

Newly elected President of ARANZ, Joanna Newman, making a

presentation to the Conference Organising Committee.


Margaret Birtley, CEO, Collections Council of Australia, and

Phillipa Tocker, Executive Director, Museums Aotearoa.


Takashi Koga, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.


 Below: party goers at the ARANZ dinner at The Bluestone Room


2006 ARANZ Conference

Images taken at the 2006ARANZ Conference in Christchurch - Thanks to Mike Steemson for the photos.

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